As the owner of multiple real estate companies, & Designated Broker of Open House Realty, Christopher Hanson is also a real estate "Flip" expert.

Christopher trains real estate agents on how to start their real estate careers, become successful Realtors, and also offers real estate investment training to agents.

Christopher knows what it takes to become a successful Professional Realtor, and shares his knowledge with agents using the most advanced technology, techniques, & concepts.

Fix-n-flip training, wholesale investor training, working with hard money lenders, creative financing, locating properties, and creating huge returns.

Hands on training with active real estate investors.

Cash for Homes - Any Condition Program.

Real EstateTraining & Expert Marketing Advice

Designated Broker/Owner Trainer/Coach, Guest Speaker, Real Estate "Flip" Expert Creative "outside of the box" thinking, Marketing Expert

35+ years Experience

Expert advice to grow & expand your real estate career!